Tammy Lamb

Tammy Lamb


Beech Baron BE-58, N17979, TH-832

American Bonanza Society Beechcraft of the month March 09 (see below)

Fully instrument equipped twin charter aircraft maintained to part 135 certification by Midwest Aviation


Stationed at AAO (Jabara Airport, Wichita, Kansas) 

Mirror STC

N17979 Fully equipped for all season IFR    
BE 58 Emergency deice      
Beech Baron Maintained by Midwest Corporate Aviation to part 135 certification standards
TH-832 Everything operational



  Dispatch rate 98 7  
Total time 6186.8      
Weights weight moment    
Empty 3811.80 78.44    
Max Takeoff 5400.00      
Useful load 1588.20      


Each Total
Engines Continental IO-520-CB 1700 285 hp 570 hp
Props Hartzel 2 blade 6000    
GPS 1 Garmin 430 Garmin
WAAS approach and enroute certified
GPS 2 Trimble Approach 2000 Navigator plus Trimble

Fully approach and enroute certified

Display Integration Avidyne EX500 Avidyne
Radar and moving map GPS integration
COMM/NAV 1 Garmin 430 Garmin  
COMM/NAV 2 KX 155 TSO Bendix/King  
Comm Panel KMA 24 TSO Bendix/King  
RNAV KN 74 TSO Bendix/King  
ADF KR 87 TSO Bendix/King  
Transponder KT 76A Bendix/King  
DME KN 63 TSO Bendix/King  
Autopilot KFC 200 Bendix/King  
Fuelflow   Shadin    
ADI   Bendix/King  
HIS   Bendix/King  
Backup ADI   RCA    
Radar RDR-60      
Stormscope WX-10A 3M    
Turn and slip   RCA    
Deice boots        

Alcohol prop & windshield

Hobbs meter Gear up to gear down      
Dual voltage regulators        
Yoke mounted clock        
Vortex generators        
Gap seals Deshannon      
Dual yoke        
New TSO compliant
Paint style Jaguar style in Red and Gold 15-Sep-06    
Standard Annual 3 years      
Progressive maintenance 3 years      
Part 135 1 year      


Flying Cost          
    Years Months Days  
Actual Ownership 7 83 2531  
1561.3 Hours 223.0 18.8 0.6  
$282.26 Cost per hour yearly monthly daily  
$67.00 Fuel per hour        
$150.44 Maintenance per hour        
$244.68 Tax reduction factor        
25.94 Average gallons per hour        
181.95 Average TAS        
$452.86 Total cost/hour        
$2.49 Total cost/mile        
$1.55 Cost/mile        
7.014505664 Average miles/gallon        
0.665773829 Business Tax        
0.2 Tax rate        
          Per hour
$265 500.00 Cost avoidance $37 928.57 $3 198.80 $104.90 $170.05
$175 198.83 Cost to operate - avoidance $25 028.40 $2 110.83 $69.22 $112.21
-$53 019.07 Cost to operate + tax - avoidance -$7 574.15 -$638.78 -$20.95 -$33.96
$441 553.40 Total cost to operate - avoidance $63 079.06 $5 319.92 $174.46 $282.81
$213 335.50 Total cost to operate + tax - avoidance $30 476.50 $2 570.31 $84.29 $136.64

Beechcraft of the Month

1977 Baron 58, N17979, Lionel Alford, Wichita, KS
March 03, 2009
Beechcraft of the Month

        “Unfortunately, when you reach a certain degree of flying skills in the military, you are obviously ready to supervise and end up flying a desk. What do you do when you are an experimental test pilot stuck flying a desk? You buy your own aircraft. it needed to be high performance, safe to fly and a twin. For me and my family, this meant a Beech Baron. So in 2000, I purchased a Baron 58 (TH-832) with the tail number N17979.

     I purchased n17979 based on the whole aircraft. I needed to be able to fly it safely in winter, spring, summer and

fall. I wanted an aircraft I knew I could trust to minimums on a routine basis with my family on board. And N17979 has delivered.” – Lionel Alford


EQUIPMENT LIST – 1977 Baron 58, N17979

Fully equipped for all-season IFR                            

Full boot & 4-gallon tank alcohol prop emergency de-ice

Trimble Approach 2000 Navigator GPS (approach certified)

Bendix/King KX 155 TSO com/nav 1/com/nav 2    

Bendix/King KMA 24 TSO audio panel     Bendix/King KT 76A transponder 

Sigtronics SPA-400 voice-actuated intercom          

Bendix/King KN 74 TSO RNAV             Bendix/King KR 87 TSO ADF

Bendix/King KN 63 TSO DME1/DME2 (dual hold)

Bendix/King KFC 200 autopilot (flight director)

Shadin fuel flow                                     Bendix/King ADI        

Bendix/King KCS55A HSI (slaved)         RCA electric backup ADI

Bendix RDR-160 radar                           3M WX-10A Stormscope

RCA turn & slip                     EGT                      Hobbs meter

Dual voltage regulators           Vortex generators    Yoke-mounted clock 

D'Shannon gap seals             Dual yoke              New TSO compliant ELT


Read more about N17979 in the March 2009 issue of the ABS Magazine


Flight Test Data              
Altitude AS Knots Temp degrees C Dutch roll   Short period Spiral
    Overshoots in seconds Overshoots in seconds motion in 20 secs 20 degree bank
12000 150 -8 9 9 0 0 Right bank
16000 130 -10 14 18 0 0 5 degrees left




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