Baron Gear Safety Mirror STC

This page is dedicated to Tom Morgan

This is a picture of the mirror installed on the wing of the aircraft.  It is not evident in the picture, but you can see all three gear from the cockpit in the mirror.  You can also tell if the nose gear is extended at night by turning on the taxi light.

In 2005, my good friend and fantastic engineer, DER (Designated Engineering Representative) Tom Morgan undertook the project of making the gear safety mirror  modification on my Beech Baron an STC (Supplemental Type Certification).  This was an incredible effort requiring a large amount of work.  The STC package went to the FAA'a ACO on 29 January 2008.  The countdown has started.  Here are the milestones:

  Milestone Completed Plan Planned Date
ü Certification Plan 9 September 2005 Initial 9 September 2005
ü Certification Package 28 January 2008 Final 25 January 2008
ü Mailed to ACO 29 January 2008   29 January 2008
ü Received in ACO 4 February 2008   1 February 2008
  FAA Okay Certification Plan and Package     20 February 2008
  Submit FAA requested revisions     28 March 2008
  FAA Okay for completion, Conformity request to Wichita MIDO     15 April 2008
  Conformity complete     22 April 2008
  Submit DAR 8100-1, 8130-9 to MIDO and ACO     1 May 2008
  FAA Approve STC     15 June 2008

For those who are interested.  Here is what goes into a package to establish the conformity and therefore FAA acceptance of a modification to an aircraft:

1. Drawing; LA0520101, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror, Raytheon Model 58, Detail; Rev  IR 3/10/2006;

2. Drawing, LA0520100, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror, Raytheon Model 58, Assembly; Rev IR 12/17/2006;

3. Drawing, LA0520000, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror, Raytheon Model 58, Installation; Rev IR 12/17/2006;

4. Report, LDA-05-01001 Certification Plan, Hawker Beech Model 58 Landing Gear Viewing Mirror STC; Rev A, 1/21/2008;

5. Report, LDA-05-01002 Description and Compliance Report, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror STC; Rev IR 1/21/2008;

6. Report, LDA-05-01003 Structures Analysis, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror STC, Rev IR, 1/15/2008;

7. Report, LDA-05-01004 Installation Instructions, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror STC, Rev IR, 1/21/2008;

8. Report, LDA-05-01006 Master Drawing List, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror STC, Rev IR, 1/21/2008;

9. Report, LDA-05-01007 Supplemental Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, Landing Gear Viewing Mirror STC, Rev IR, 1/15/2008;

10. ICA Checklist, Rev 00 date 1/15/2008.

11. FAA Form 8110-3 “Statement of Compliance with Federal Aviation Requirements” dated Feb 28, 2008

12. Draft 8120-10, “Request for Conformity” not dated.

This is why aircraft accidents are rare and especially those caused by mechanical or system failure.  It is also why the cost of flying and maintaining aircraft is high.

Thanks, Tom, for an incredible package and a lot of engineering work.

As time progresses, I will add further specifications to this page.

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