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The first cut of this novel is complete.  I'm working on the second cut.

19 November 09, First run through is complete.  The novel is ready for review.  I am working on the marketing material and will put up its own site soon.  The domain is already in my hands.  I am pleased with the novel.  I want to read it again.  I should wait for a while.  This is a stand alone that is tied directly to all the other Aegypt novels.  This is the darkest of all of those except the first.  It is a rip roaring adventure with some very bittersweet elements.  It also has a lot of humor, especially in the conversations.  Scath is the funny person working with all the straight-men.  She can't help it. 

17 November 09, Fastest novel I have written to date.  I couldn't stop.  I started on 31 October and finished 17 November.  19 Chapters at about 20 pages per chapter and around 100K words.  I'll get the details up after the next run through.  I have some important foreshadowing to add and a whole section where Scath confronts Niul.  The denouncement is really neat on this novel.  It is one where everything doesn't fall into place, it flows together.  This is a real action and adventure novel with lots of the strange added in.  Starts and ends with Belfast bombings.  Get some CIA action and some explanation of things from other novels in the series that were not explained in detail before.  Gunfights.  Get to find out what happened to Kathrin's sister.

14 November 09, Sorry I haven't put up an update for a while.  I've been writing.  I can't stop.  I'm up to chapter 16.  I've probably given away too much of the story already.  Klava is in trouble with everyone.  She was banished from the Celtic lands for breaking three of the great laws.  She actually got off on two, but the last stuck.  Kathrin had to banish herself and Lumiere decided to go too.  Kathrin knew the courts wouldn't keep her banished, but she made a requirement that Klava would have to be allowed back too.  Kathrin wanted a vacation--she never liked the mantle of the land.  Klava and Scath get sent to San Diego.  When PIRA capture Niul, Klava must return to the UK to rescue him.  The problem is, she was banished.  Stepping foot on the Celtic lands means she will be given a death sentence.  Now she must retrieve her tablet and get to Niul.  What she doesn't know is Niul is a set up by the PIRA as a trap for her.

I should have told you that in between, Niul is trying to make up for what he did to Klava--it is all very bittersweet and painful.  She told him the proper order was to win her affection, prove himself, and wed her.  Niul is attempting to do all those things.

1 November 09, Up to chapter 3.  Klava, without Scath's knowledge, is making Scath her priestess and Brigitta, the goddess of the Irish Lands catches wind of it.  Klava needs someone to take care of her, Scath needs a friend and a place to stay.  In addition, the intell stream indicates a double bomb is planned by PIRA for the next new moon.  Klava is ready, Scath wants to help.  That's when things get sticky. 

Red Donald brings his entire cell 12 strong: himself, 2 assassins, 4 bombers, 4 muscle, 1 magic ( a new one, Niul lost all his stuff due to Klava's work).  Niul is a hanger on.  Donald thinks Niul wants revenge on the girl who spoiled his magic and the bomb.  Niul just wants to see and meet her. 

Before the bombs can go off, Donald sends his assassins to kill Klava.  They open fire and murder Scath.  Klava cant do anything about it--if she uses the tablet to heal Scath, the bombs go off and 546 people will die.  She blocks the bombs and returns the power.  The fireworks begin--the PIRA cell were watching from an embankment.  Unfortunately for Klava 13 who were guilty get wacked, but 17 innocents lose their lives.  This drives Klava into a state of near insanity.  With all her remaining strength, she takes the ka of Scath into the tablet, but the water of the well rejects the dead ka.  The ka of Scath is dissipating.  driven by her anguish, Klava carries Scath's dwindling ka to the tombs and puts her in the closest one.

Meanwhile Niul finds the dazed and confused Klava.  She is in a completely vulnerable state.  He drives her to his flat and unable to control his desire, rapes her.    

30 October 09, Klava is a bad girl--well kind of.  She wears black, smokes John Player Specials like a smokestack, drinks Guinness for breakfast, and only comes out at night.  She is living in Belfast and preventing PIRA and UDA bombs from going off.  PIRA is the real problem.  And the problem for Klava is to handle the bombs using her unique method requires the force to return to the ones who made the bomb--usually with dire consequences.  The guilty always get killed and that causes Klava pain.  Sometimes the innocent get hurt and that tears her apart.  Still she saves more than those who are killed--she has chains that evidence this to her.  A gold chain where every link is a person who she saved and a black and silver chain where each black link was a perpetrator and each silver link is an innocent. 

Klava has picked up a roommate.  She found fourteen year old Scath on the street.  Scath looks after Klava when things get bad.  Klava thought she was just helping Sadth--its kind of mutual.

The PIRA are using magic to hide the bombs--Klava can handle that, but her presence at the latest bombing drew attention to herself.  The PIRA's magic wielder wants to meet Klava--the leader of the cell wants to eliminate Klava.  So it begins.

29 October 09, Yeah! Time to write another novel.  This time I want to write Warrior of Darkness.  This will answer what happened to Klava.  Like all the Aegypt novels, It will be a very different book, both from the other novels in the series and from any other novel you might have read.

25 August 09, I moved the notes from the writing of the Shadowed Vale to its secret page.  I started on a new novel--the final one in the Ghost Ship Chronicles.  I'm naming it Ddraig Goch.  Ddraig Goch means Red Dragon in Welsh.  It is the name of the ship Nikita, Alex, and Mara take at the end of Shadowed Vale.  I intend to use the ship in the final novel (kool).  I really haven't started writing on it seriously yet.   

24 August 09, The first cut of Shadowed Vale is complete.  I am happy with the love story and the adventure story.




The purpose of each of the Aegypt novels is to allow you, the reader, to live the life and times portrayed in the novel.  This requires intensive research and study.  Many of the points are ancillary, and may be unnoticed by the reader, but to me they are critical.  Here is how carefully I have detailed these works: in The Goddess of Darkness, I needed the name of the Greek ambassador to England in 1940.  I couldn't find this information anywhere--I wrote to the Greek embassy in London England, and in about two weeks, I had the answer.  This was an unnecessary detail, but this represents how detailed the historical research was for these books. 

The Question: 

The Aegypt novels are moving in a beautiful and controlled direction.  Their purpose is to let the reader live during a period and place in history.  Specifically, they march through time, hitting the high points where evil has touched the world.  Children is a setup novel.  It is a transition between The Shadow of Light and the next big point in time.  Below, I outline the question that originally drove Aegypt.  There is much more here. 

The primary question I asked when I wrote Children was:  what happens when I introduce two real immature goddesses into the world of Western Civilization and specifically--British society.  One may be evil and one may be good.  What is their mother, any mother to do.  I especially wanted to depict the school adventures of these girls.

When the world was young, people believed in all kinds of gods and goddesses.  In the novel Sister of Light, I expand the question I asked in Aegypt, what would happen if modern people came face to face with a real goddess.  Leora, the goddess of light, interacts with the modern world--sometimes that world is more cruel to those who have a power beyond our expectations.  Also, I added to my original question and ask a new one about prejudice.  Explicitly, the question in Sister of Light is what is the reaction of the goddess of darkness against her sister, Leora.

The Characters: 

These characters are generally new to Aegypt.  We met Kathrin in The Shadow of Light.  Her character and purpose flows from this inauspicious beginning.  The girls, Sveta and Klava come from the last bit of The Shadow of Light.  You could have guessed at what might happen to their parents.  Lumie're is absolutely rogue.  You thought motherhood would change her, how could that be.  The real surprise is Kathrin.  This is her novel, but the following will likely be hers too.

The Theme: 

The children of Lumie're and Aleksandr are found alive after many years.  One may be the goddess of darkness and bring great evil into the world.  What happens when they are introduced into the civilized world.  There is much more to this novel's theme that I won't reveal.  I will tell you, it is a theme of place, that is, taking one's appropriate place in the world.  


The Children of Light and Darkness shows what happens when perceptions are not reality and reality is not what we understand at all.


Aegypt is only the beginning...







ISBN: 1602900132

ISBN-13: 9781602900134

Format: Paperback, 232pp

Publisher: OakTara Publishing Group LLC

Pub. Date: January 2008





An unspeakable evil and an unbelievable power is about to be released into the world...

In the Tomb of Darkness and Light
If someone from the ancient world walked suddenly on the earth, what would they tell us about their times, and what changes would they observe in ours?  What if that person was revered as a goddess in the ancient world and evidenced a power beyond modern human understanding?  What if she were malevolent?
Fort Saint stands on a plateau between the salt deserts of the Chott Djerid and Chott Melrhir.  Four thousand years ago the chotts were filled–one salt and one fresh.  The fort coincidentally guards an ancient foundation where once stood a temple.  
The commander of Fort Saint, Lieutenant Paul Bolang discovered the foundation and unearthed Egyptian hieroglyphics on it.  His letter brought an archeological party to explore it.  And when the archeologists unearthed a tomb beneath, Paul was the only one who noticed a keen foreboding in the find.  Death followed the opening of the tomb and led Paul to uncover alone the existence of two other hidden tombs: the tombs of the Goddess of Darkness and the Goddess of Light.

Paul was present when the archeologists opened the tomb of the Goddess of Light and someone or something escaped.  Paul chased the being out onto the desert and captured a naked woman who spoke only ancient Egyptian.  

Paul struggled to communicate with woman who called herself Leora.  She claimed to come from the tomb, and she claimed to be the Goddess of Light—a claim she backed up with inexplicable powers.  Leora seemed benevolent, but she alerted Paul that her sister, Leila, the Goddess of Darkness wanted to also escape her tomb.  Leora warned that if Leila were released, she would visit only evil and suffering on mankind—that was her nature.

Now the archeologists have discovered the second tomb, the Tomb of the Goddess of Darkness, and they want to open it.    

Aegypt is only the beginning...

          Sister of Light (Contracted to OakTara)

          Sister of Darkness

           The Shadow of Darkness

           The Shadow of Light


           Children of Light and Darkness




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The finest escape in literature is an escape into a real and inviting culture—so asserts L. D. Alford a novelist who explores with originality those cultures and societies we think we already know.  He builds tales that make ancient people and times real to us.  His stories uniquely explore the connections between events close and familiar and events of the past—he cleaves them together with threads of reality that bring the past alive.  L. D. Alford is familiar with technology and cultures—he earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Pacific Lutheran University, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, and is a Ph.D. candidate in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Dayton. He is a graduate of Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, and the US Air Force Test Pilot School.  He is widely traveled and has spent long periods in Europe and Central America.  His writing includes over 40 technical articles and a historical fiction novel The Second Mission published by Xulon.  L. D. Alford is an author who combines intimate scientific and cultural knowledge into fiction worlds that breathe reality.




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