The Value Seminar

The Value Seminar

Every endeavor, enterprise, and effort should ask the question, "How does this create or increase value?"

This concept applies to every effort: individual, business, education, government, religious, and all.

Basic Definitions:

The Purpose of Business is to Create Value.

The Purpose of Government is to Protect Value.

Private Property is the only Basis of all Liberty.

Notable Value Questions

How does your job create value?


What is the best use of business profits to create value?


How do charities create value via fundraising and expenditures/services?


How can government protect value?


How does any tax protect value?


What is the best use of tax revenue to protect value?

Is it moral and ethical for businesses to give charity?

What is the legitimate role of government?


Taxes on business are hidden taxes on the public; are business taxes immoral?


Are government impositions of restrictions on political speech through threatened taxes on churches a violation of the First Amendment?


Taxes on private property reduce property values; does a tax on private property mean the government is asserting ownership?


Does the government's imposition of easements constitute a taking under the Constitution?


Does the government have the right to regulate any private property?


Should businesses be considered private entities and therefore be regulated as are individuals under the Constitution?


Should the government be allowed to outlay funds for anything other than services provided and goods purchased?


  Religious arguments for the value concept... Secular arguments for the value concept...

Thoughts about Human Values

"Who is John Galt?"                                         - Ayn Rand

"An honest man is one who knows that he can't consume more than he has produced."                          - Ayn Rand

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