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Escape from Freedom
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Chapter 1 Secrets

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105,030 words

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Fiction, freedom, shuttle, cargo, socialism, slaves, citizens, armed-citizens, human, colony, space, escape, drugs, future, control; will fascinate anyone interested in science fiction and dystopian future societies and culture—will appeal particularly to those who enjoy science fiction mystery and suspense novels.

The conceptual theme of Escape from Freedom is about a young woman, Reb, and a pilot who are attempting to escape a fascist nation and is similar in concept to the novel We the Living or other nation escape type novels.


Dystopian Science Fiction


V10+S10537 Rebecka, Reb to her coworkers, never knew anything except the nation of Freedom. Reb possessed a level 10+ visual acuity and level 10 scent acuity. She invented colors and scents for the nation of Freedom. Some of her colors and scents were used in the artificial foods and chemicals (drugs) eaten by the people of Freedom—she earned awards as a heroine of the people. But Reb never understood the use of almost all of her creations. She just received high approval ratings for her work. Reb knew intrinsically the world included something greater than Freedom, and she would do anything to escape from the nation of Freedom.

Shuttle Captain Scott Phillips, the pilot of Heavy Atmospheric Shuttle 023, routinely and illegally cut across the island nation of Freedom to shave hours off his flight time. He carried tons of high value cargo from continent to continent. No one knew anything about the nation of Freedom. No one made contact with Freedom for hundreds of years—almost since humans colonized the planet. Freedom was forbidden. Overflight of Freedom was forbidden. Landing on Freedom was forbidden. Scott Phillips’ happened to be crossing the nation of Freedom at flight level 600 when his hydrogen atmospheric scavenging engine failed, and he made an emergency forced landing on the nation of Freedom.

While Reb walked home from the Development Center, she saw Scott Phillips’ shuttle land directly before her. Reb thought Scott came to take her away from Freedom—instead, Scott needed her help. Without someone’s assistance, the Armed Citizens and the Party Members would have immediately captured Scott. As it was, Reb protected him and helped him blend in. Scott laid low with Reb to learn what he could about Freedom and the people of Freedom so he could escape. He discovered a land where the people are drugged into permanent obedience. Where they eat artificial food, live in prison-like unisex facilities, and work at jobs without recompense or participation in the fruit of their labor. They produce luxury goods and services for someone—the who isn’t exactly clear, but it could be the illusive Freedom Party. For the Citizens of Freedom, life is work, hunger, uniformity, slogans, and obedience.

Scott makes plans from the beginning to return to his own country. The country where he owns his own house, possessions, and true freedom. Now, Reb insists that Scott take her away too. Scott isn’t too sure. Reb will do anything to escape from Freedom—anything.

Author's reviewer’s quotes:

Freedom is a scary place and Reb will do anything to leave it—when Scott crash lands on Freedom, of course, Scott has come to take her away.

Scott Phillips flying in a Heavy Atmospheric Shuttle cut illegally across the forbidden nation of Freedom, and his engine quit—he landed in front of Reb, and Reb will do anything to escape Freedom.

Reb creates color and scents for the island nation of Freedom—Scott Phillips is a pilot flying above the island—when Scott crashes on the island, Reb’s dreams can finally come true.

Short descriptive teasers:

Ghost: Regia Anglorum continues the adventures of Den and Natana on the ship Regia Anglorum as they adopt a daughter, determine their purpose, and build their destiny.

The Athenian Charter is arming itself with psyonic weapons and so are Den and Natana: they discover another high level psyonic, unfortunately she’s only twelve, and a whole unknown society to help them.    

Den and Natana take over their commissions as the first Captain and First Officer of the newest Family Trader Vessel, Regia Anglorum; they must contend with their new responsibilities, an adopted daughter, and an unexpected adversary.

Further Information:

Escape from Freedom is a new standalone science fiction novel.




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