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Deirdre Chapter 1

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120,975 words

Keywords and Market Focus:

Fiction, friendship, Wycombe Abbey, school, boarding, education, training, boyfriends, Eton, diva, skills, shooting, fencing, fae, fairy, Britain, spy, goddess, Dagda, magic; will fascinate anyone interested in friendship, boarding schools, magic, and the fae—will appeal particularly to those who enjoy mystery and suspense novels.

Deirdre: Enchantment and the School is a novel about supernatural girls attending a boarding school—it compares with some modern novels in a similar setting, but the concept is wholly unique.


Historical Fantasy


Deirdre Calloway is a wild and dangerous girl.  She’s never had a friend, was sent to boarding school at Wycombe Abbey to be finished, and has a penchant for fighting that has earned her a dubious reputation and record.  Still, she is small blond haired and appears the exact opposite of her reputation.  Did I mention, she has never had a friend?  That’s all about to change.

Sorcha Weir has hair as black as pitch, and a face as sweet and delicate as a fae creature.  Mostly because she is the offspring of a man and an Unseelie fae.  She has been secretly attending Wycombe Abbey by using fae glamour to make her appear to be a proper student.  She escaped from the juvenile prison at Aylesbury and secretly made her home at Wycombe.  She has everything planned to learn, graduate, and continue her education.  All she has to do is keep her attendance and presence a secret. 

Sorcha has everything planned because no one can tell she is not a proper student—until she meets Deirdre.  On the first day of classes, Deirdre notices Sorcha’s existence and sees through her glamour.  This is one of Deirdre’s unusual skills.  The problem is that Deirdre has never achieved anything in terms of personal intimacy except through fighting, and Sorcha has always lived a rough and tumble life.  To protect her great secret, Sorcha attacks Deirdre.  Deirdre doesn’t fall for the usual brawling tricks, and bests Sorcha.  Now all of Sorcha’s goals are at risk.  Her only hope to either banish Deirdre or befriend her.  On the other hand, Deirdre is oddly attracted to those she defeats—an unpleasant result of her personality.

Deirdre is halted from fully taking advantage of her conquest by the intervention a teacher, Deirdre’s relative Lune Bolang.  In any case, Sorcha seeks out Deirdre to either banish her or become her friend.  Deirdre’s reaction is completely unexpected.  Deirdre offers to keep Sorcha’s secret, to share her clothing, and her room.

Sorcha and Deirdre begin an odd friendship bound to Luna Bolang.  Ms. Bolang doesn’t seem to know anything, but maybe knows everything.  She encourages Sorcha and Deirdre to join the fencing club.  She forces Deirdre and Sorcha to participate in electives. 

These electives are patently unusual: fencing, shooting, making friends, associating with the tea-party class, meeting boys, learning about magic, meeting the fae, and seeing angels.  There is much more in store for Deirdre and Sorcha.  To keep Sorcha’s great secret and for Deirdre to remain at Wycombe and away from Deirdre’s past and her mother, the girls must acquiesce to Luna Bolang’s requirements. 

Why is Luna Bolang at Wycombe as a teacher?  Why the odd electives and study?  Why the teaching about magic?  What does Luna intend for Deirdre and Sorcha, and why is Ms. Rowley, the history instructor involved in magic?  The fate of Deirdre and Sorcha lies in their own hands.  The fate of friends, associates, and others will also become their responsibilities.

Author's reviewer’s quotes:

Deirdre was banished to Wycombe Abbey boarding school for fighting and uncivilized behavior.  Sorcha escaped from a juvenile prison for the same reason.  Sorcha’s great secret is she is illegally attending Wycombe herself.

Deirdre is the child of a goddess and Sorcha is the child of a fae creature.  What happens when the two become embroiled in an odd friendship becomes a story of legend—a secret legend, but a legend, none-the-less.

What problems can two girls of unusual and supernatural abilities pose in a modern boarding school—especially a school for elegant and wealthy young ladies?  The answer lies in Deirdre: Enchantment and the School—the results aren’t very pretty.

Short descriptive teasers:

Sorcha Weir’s secret is discovered by Deirdre Calloway—Sorcha is clandestinely attending Wycombe Abbey boarding school.    

 When two problem girls, both with supernatural abilities, come together at Wycombe Abbey boarding school, the sparks are about to fly.

Magic, the fae, British Intelligence, and learning mix with friendship, fighting, and unexpected revelations at a girl’s elegant boarding school in Deirdre: Enchantment and the School.





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