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Enchantment: Valeska



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Valeska Chapter 1

Length of Novel:

124,890 words

Keywords and Market Focus:

Fiction, Poland, Gdansk, Danzig, Germany, Vampire, Agent, Britain, goddess, Redemption, Darkness, Grand Nationals, Belfast, Ireland, London; will fascinate anyone interested in the spiritual, mystery, and suspense—will appeal particularly to those who enjoy historical mystery and suspense novels.

The conceptual theme of Valeska is about the redemption of a vampire and is not similar to any current or past work—it may be wholly original.


Suspense/Historical Fiction


George Mardling was dying. It must be completely understood that the gunshot that struck him down during a simple contact mission was not survivable. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending how you look at it, George’s failed mission had also spoiled the hunt of a destitute vampire. It was the time of a full moon—the time when vampires hunted human blood or become immaterial. She was starving. Her clothing was ruined by sleeping in tombs filled with corruption. She was filthy, and she wanted his blood. Since George had no further use for it, he granted it to her. She said that was likely a sin, but at that moment, George didn’t care. However, because George was a cross-bearer, she couldn’t just take his blood—his permission was required. George allowed her to feed. It didn’t make him a vampire—she promised him that, but she did give him back his life, and somehow, his blood made her dependent on him for the existence she had. Her name was Valeska. Her given name was Heidi, and she had been made a vampire over two hundred years ago when she was fifteen.

George was an agent for the Crown—he went about his work once more thankful for life. When the full moon came again, Heidi/Valeska hunted George—she could not do otherwise. They began a strange symbiotic relationship.

When George was recalled to Britain by the Crown, he brought Heidi back with him—he could not leave her to lose the little life she had. The organization George worked for possessed a classified branch called Stele that worked with and protected Britain from the supernatural. George’s actions and his miraculous recovery prompted Stele to action. They wanted to know what Heidi was and if she posed a threat to them and the country. That’s when Leila and Scáth became involved. They were agents of Stele and both had their own problems. Chiefly, Scáth was a being similar to Heidi, and Leila was something else altogether.
George must prove Heidi is no threat to Britain and Stele. He must work with Leila and Scáth, and Leila has fallen in love with him. That would be alright, but Heidi’s existence has become George’s purpose, and because of it, he has been touched by the grave and death. Leila is a being who needs someone like George. She has power beyond a normal person—that’s why she works for Stele. Her power is darkness, and the natural friendship she and Heidi should have is colored by both of their relationships with George.

George is pulled from both sides. He doesn’t want to lose everything he has worked for, and at the same time, he has become a pawn in larger schemes than anyone could imagine. The life of Leila, the existence of Heidi, and the safety of the British people are now dependent on his actions.

Author's reviewer’s quotes:

Valeska is a wonderful novel with an amazing character; who could imagine a destitute vampire dependent on a mortal man—can even a vampire be redeemed? 

The supernatural is at work in the world—it is part of the daily lives of the Stele branch of the organization.  Who could imagine a vampire might find a place in protecting others.

Valeska is a person who was entirely alone—Leila is much like her.  The redemption of a vampire and the safety of the British people might depend on both of them.

Short descriptive teasers:

George Mardling becomes involved in the existence of a vampire, and consequentially, he becomes the romantic target of a being who works with the supernatural.    

Valeska is pretty nice girl for a blood-sucking vampire—she desires friendship and to read her books, unfortunately, she has become embroiled in events that might ruin everything and everyone she has come to love and desire.

A vampire girl has become dependent on George Mardling—he was a confirmed bachelor before, but now he is pursued by the Lady of Darkness who is also investigating the vampire.       




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